Hello! My name is Ocean.

I’m a multimedia journalist based out of Halifax.

I recently completed a BA in audiovisual journalism and religious studies at Concordia University.

I like to write about: fashion, electronic music, cool bands, independent artists and creators, activism, witchcraft, consent advocacy, a good protest, strong females and beyond.

Most recently, I was a social media manager at MUTEK during an 8-month internship.

Before that, I was the arts editor of The Link Newspaper, and later its copy editor during its transition to a monthly magazine. During my time at The Link, I published and edited other’s work on a weekly basis, managed an events calendar, as well as curated the arts section to feature up-and-coming Montreal and Concordia-based artists.

I’ve also contributed to Montreal Rampage, and co-published an undergrad journal about ~religiosity~.

Between learning, writing and travelling the world, I can be found making crafts and spending time with my two rabbits, Quinoa and Couscous.